HAU Hay Fox

The Hau Hay Fox is an automated hay feeder intended for one or multiple horses. 

Due to quality and water-resistant materials, it can be installed in a stall or outdoors. When installed indoors, it can be mounted on stable fronts or partition walls. Depending on the place of installation, it can be filled from the back or the front.

The design was made by respecting the physiological grazing posture of a horse, so the feeding opening is positioned at the bottom of the feeder. Bars that hold back the hay and their spacing can be customized. 

Automated opening and closing of the shutter is programmed through the Hau Control Unit (HCU). With up to 15 programmable meal times each day, opening and closing times can be set for each individual device, according to every horse’s needs. 

The Hau Hay Fox is offered in three sizes. Height is 130cm, whereas width can be either 100cm, 140cm or 180cm. Bigger sizes can be installed between two stalls, so several horses can use it. It is operated with a voltage of 24V which will be supplied by the respective control unit.

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